Friday, July 19, 2013

ACMA, MMU - July 3rd

Annual Creative Multimedia Awards 2013, Multimedia University

My Bebbies and I (after-event)

This is Amiza S. My homie.

This is my homie too. Her name is Juey A.

We had fun at the ACMA, Juey was the MC and my roomie, Yasmin was performing that night. It was amazing! Good job to you both, Yasmin and Juey! Love!

Ambil kesempatan to jatuhkan the "A" and "C" and hence, my name! LOL!

My outfit of the night:
Shawl from Doha, Pink Dress and Black Shiny Clutch from H&M, Black Blazer from NafNaf, Clogs from Massimo Dutti. Makeup sendiri! Dah macam clown! HAHAH! :D

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