Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meet the positive-minded future awesome-famous people *clap clap*

"All that you have, it's a duty for you to share."
- Sharil Aswad, 2013

"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want."
- Faizal Redzuan, 2013

"Whenever shit happens, it happens for a reason. Good or bad, you still have to keep moving forward. Never take the negative out of it, appreciate the positive that it has to offer and let it guide you through your journey to the future that lies ahead."
- Liyana Azmi, 2013

"Live the way you want to, die with no regrets."
- Nabeel Zulkifli, 2013

"Be ridiculously fun if you must."
- Diana Adil, 2013

"I am slightly less than superman."
- Rasyid, 2013

"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade grenade and be all badass about it."
- Aishah Azman, 2013

"Sometimes, a little bad is a good thing."
- Aishah Azman, 2013

"Aim high. Go beyond the sky."
- Aishah Azman, 2013

"You lose yourself the moment you compare."
- Marzuqi Johari, 2013

"Bow to me!"
- Aarief Zee, 2013

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
- Aarief Zee, 2013

- Azie Ahmad, 2013

"Put yourself in that person's situation, then you'll know everything that he/she feels."
 - Zalikha Halim, 2013

"Being yourself is better, even if you have sinned more than the person you are pretending to be."
- Marissa Azman, 2013

"Keep prayin' and do your best. He will do the rest."
- Yasmin Khai, 2013

"Greatness is more than looking at material wealth, the essence of it is through the progress of mind, body & soul; building characteristics and achieving peace of mind."
- Erin Adlina Adnan, 2013

"Strive not to be a success, but to be of value."
- Juliana Adlin, 2013

"No matter how high you fly, always look down and stay humble."
- Shafinaz Mahazar, 2013

"When you are loved, you are never poor."
- Felina Hung, 2013

"You don't live once, you live everyday. However mundane life can be sometimes, it is still something very precious."
- Inara Sariffudin, 2013

"Life- do not come with a manual plan. Live life the way you want to experience it, never regret a single moment."
- Lyanna Adiana, 2013

"Never let your inner-self bring you down!"

- Izham Sofi, 2013

"Do not let your monsters inside you get you at your worst."
- Amiza Sulaiman, 2013

"Stop chasing success. Start chasing experience instead."
- Shazmeel Azeman, 2013

"Curious is the new crazy."
- Dalila Zainal, 2013

"Success is the best revenge."
- Hafidz Hariri, 2013

"Don't bother what others will think, as long as you are happy then you will live a happy life."
- Sajrah Adilah, 2013

"Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum."
- Nazrul Syazwan, 2013

Good job guys! You are all positive-minded-like people that can succeed in life! I believe in you, you can reach the star! And FYI, I don't put it according to most favourite people or least or anything. No ranking in here, I put it at the top as the person who replied first. And I am still waiting for pending replies... Hello babies, you need to reply! I want you to think hard! Please be sure with the path that you are standing right now. Is it at the right place or you are lost, still? That needs to be fixed. 

Oh yes, I do have mine! I have a lot though. Hihi. Malu nak tunjuk. Waiting for 50 quotes, then I'll post my quotes. Got 31 quotes now, I need 19 more! Selagi tak dapat 50, I won't reveal mine :B

Malina Azman,

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