Sunday, July 21, 2013

TEDxMMU 2013

Meet my teammate/classmate/performer of the day; Nabeel Z

Meet the performer; Ian.

Meet the positive-vibe-magnet; Juliana A

Another positive-vibe-magnet; Yasmin K

Meet my teammate/classmate/photographer of the day; Marzuqi J

Meet my baby; Inara A

The Temporary Permanent was performing that day! Awesome job!

Meet John-Son Oei. Founder of Epic Homes. He is an epic man, building a home for the needs and the less-fortunate people. I am so gonna join the Epic Homes team for my internship!

"Be around great positive-like minded people." - Suzy Sulaiman

Us with Suzy Sulaiman

"Keep doing epic shit until its legit." - Zikry Kholil

"Do something you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." - Wivina Belmonte

We were hangover, too much of positive energy in that hall! Our face cannot hide the wide smile and the sepet eyes, too happy! We can be fat over the extra dosage of the amazing energy from those amazing people!

Being surrounded with successful, positive people everyday is just the best feeling ever and the best experience one could ever have. Meeting new people and making new friends become so much fun when you have the positive energy around you. Well done, TEDxMMU! You've done a great job on spreading the vibes to all of us. Yay! Kudos!

Malina Azman

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