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Malina A. & Juliana A.


What is #MaJuProject2013?

#MaJuProject2013 is basically a series of vlog or videolog that we both are going to make for the remaining year of 2013. We will be talking and discussing about how to lead a positive life, what is happiness, what it takes to be successful and the list goes on. We are going to talk a lot! It takes half of year for us to perform and execute this awesome plan since we need to sit down and talk and discuss and 'perah otak' to get so many different ideas and information to collect from all kinds of people with different backgrounds and cultures, as well as their lifestyles. We also want to create and build a healthy society in Malaysia, to change the mindsets of most Malaysians, to create a society where brains or minds comes first before anything else. We want to spread the positive vibes to all of people out there, to make them see what we see, to make them feel good with themselves and to achieve goals, everyday. I know it sounds impossible to "change" the mindsets of our people, but we want to at least, give some changes to some of you readers. We need to start and start small by doing this #MaJuProject2013 :)

Why we call it as #MaJuProject2013?

Well, firstly, it is because of the combination of our names, MAlina + JUliana, and since this is our project together, hence, MaJuProject. Why we want to put the hashtag? I think people know what is the purpose of the hashtag right? LOL! Another thing is that, #MaJuProject2013 in other terms, it means MAJU, which is progress. We need to be progressive in order to become a better, successful person in the future. InshaAllah.

When will the #MaJuProject2013 be officially opened to public?

We both are still at the data-collection phase, still recording videos to get more ideas and things to talk and discuss about. Nothing serious. We just do it for fun, to share useful and beneficial things that we have learned everyday. We are still learning and just wanted to share with you so that you could feel our positive energy too! We want you to feel what we are feeling right now! Trust us, positivity is the only thing that you need right now.


Juliana Adlin & Malina Azman

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