Monday, December 24, 2012

A girl with a small tummy and a huge appetite.

My name is Malina. What's good about life? My answer is, food. What's great about life? A very good food. I love to eat. I have a small body. Small tummy. But no one can stop me from eating good food and having scrumptious meals. I got my own taste, my own judgments of food. I'm not expert in food. I just love it. I love to try new stuff. I like to open my mind and my heart to any possibilities for eating any halal food, anywhere in the world. I have weird tastes, that everyone seems like to question about it. But I don't care. I use my own money, and I didn't force anyone to eat things that I eat. I can't grow any fatter, no matter how much I ate in a day because I have a very high metabolism. My doctor told me that everything that goes inside me, will eventually came out at the end of the day. Too much info aye? Lewlz. So yeah. I love to eat. Therefore, I love to cook. Yes, I do cook my own meals in my own kitchen. I can cook, but I cannot bake. I am really suck at baking. I don't like to play around with flour and baking powder and whatever is needed to bake something. I love seafood. I love veggies. I love to play around with the ingredients. If it's not good, then don't do it again in the future. If it's great, then, you can have your own cook book. LOL! I love to eat and I love to write about it. I want to share with you guys. Now, no more of this kind of conversation:

Person 1: Eh, where to eat ah? What to eat eh?
Person 2: I don't know. Anywhere also can lah. I don't mind.
Person 3: Hoi, decide faster lah!

People, NO MORE. I am just sick and tired of that "first-world problem" conversation. After this, if people ask you, "Where to eat?", you can tell them this, "Wait, I'll check at Malinalism first ah." *Promote blog sendiri* (Eeeee, tak maluuuuu! LOL!) No seriously, no more such questions. Kabish? Good tummy :)

Malina Azman, x

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