Thursday, December 13, 2012

Go Green!

Hello! Today's topic is, yes, GO GREEN. Before I proceed, let's just run through the dialogue below, shall we? :) 

As I was queuing at the cashier to pay for my chocolate chip cookies, the guy in front of me was buying a toothpaste, with only that, the cashier inserted that tiny little toothpaste in a huge plastic bag (maybe the store ran out of small plastics kot). I was like, ohkaaayyyy. You can just kepit that toothpaste kat ketiak or something. Or maybe put it in your pocket or just hold it ke apa. I don't know but at least there is no need with the plastic, man! So my turn. Ehem.

*teet teet* Scanned the cookies' box.

Cashier: That would be RM8.90.

Me: *Korek purse* Here you go.

*teetttt tettttt tettt tetttt*
As the receipt started to register out from the cash machine and the cashier tried to reach for a plastic bag.

Me: Oh no no, no need with the plastic. It's okay.

Cashier: Oh, someone is trying to save the Earth. Very environmental person ah you.

Me: Yea, GO GREEN! *with that little fist of mine trying to be so gigih*

Cashier: Hahah! Good good. Keep it up!

Me: Thank you.

And there I was, happily kepit sekotak chocolate chip cookies under my ketiak keluar from the groceries store.


So, the reason why I'm telling you this, is because the awareness that I have, trying to save the environment. Well, memang tak semenggah mana pun just not using plastic bags but at least I can make a difference. And so can you! Guys, please, you don't have to use plastics every time you purchased something from the store. You can always bring your own bag. Like me, I love to bring/wear my huge tote bag wherever I go because I know that my bag is capable in keeping so many stuff! Macam pocket Doraemon! Really. You can ask my friends for confirmation. 

Another thing that I want to tell, is the "No Plastic Bag Day", that is happening every Saturday throughout the whole Malaysia. (I'm not sure about East Malaysia but I am pretty sure that I need to pay 20 cents per plastic whenever I go for grocery shopping in KL on Saturday). SAD but TRUE.

I have read few articles about this campaign of course, and I just found out that the 20 cents that we've paid, it will be channeled to welfare bodies or used for environment or consumer programs. 

So instead of those bodies or companies are making money out of it, why don't they just replaced it with paper bags? It should be a "Paper Bag Day" rather than "No Plastic Bag Day"? RIGHT?!! Instead of troubling consumers to pay the 20 cents or maybe burdening them with buying items without the plastic if they insist not to pay for the plastic, just give them paper bag instead? Or maybe you could bring your own huge bag or trolley or something so that you will never ever gonna use the plastic bag and find alternatives that are environmental friendly. Could you? The efforts and commitment from various organizations towards the campaign points to nourish people with this awareness to save the Earth! Start reducing the use of plastic bags!

I know you are way better than this. Stop using plastic bags and let's bring out all of your bags under your bed, in your wardrobe or maybe hanging behind your room door. Pick that up and bring it to the store! Show it off! Show the world that you care!

Malina Azman, x

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