Sunday, December 16, 2012

LINE apps (Y)

Introducing the new member for my 'Social' folder! Meet, Mr LINE :)

User-friendly. Great GUI.

My timeline. Check 1,2. 1,2.

First chat with my sister. Sengal! I love those emoticons' stickers!

And you can even change your wallpaper for your chat rooms!

Maybe you guys already have this application in your smartphone(s) (Maybe I'm the one yang ketinggalan zaman kot? Lewlz!). But yeah. Haven't heard of this application until my sister said, "Kakak! Buat line!" and I thought she mentioned about line as in 'postpaid', you know using bill instead of credit? So yeah, told her that I don't want, sudah serik lah konon. Then she said, "Kakak, application LINE lah. The name is LINE. Get it? Get it?". Zzz. Then she showed it to me, all the interface and all, how to use it and I just love the stickers emoticons/emojis. Ahh, so cute! And LINE ni sama je macam Whatsapp but, but... LINE ni boleh buat call! Free call and free chat! Just like Viber lah kot. If you guys rasa macam tamak nak semua applications in your smartphone and rasa macam tak perlu, tak payah lah. But I suka sangat sebab emoticons yang comel gegilers and you can even change the wallpaper for your chats' background! Maybe I macam sangat jakun ke apa kan, but yeah, I think if I terlampau sengkek tade credit , I will call you using LINE je! TROLOLOLOL! :B

Malina Azman, x

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