Monday, December 24, 2012


Got an email from one of my readers. She asks,

"What is your favourite food? And what kind of food you don't like? Any specific food?"

I don't really have a specific food that I love. I don't have any favourite food in particular. I think? I just love good food, the one that can make my taste buds goes 'ooh-la-laaaaa'. But if you insist, I think, I would say, Char Kuey Teow? With loads of kerang! But no fair, I love other food too! I don't like to be biased! Kesian makanan lain, merajuk with me! Lewlz. And yes, I do have 3 food that I dislike. First, satay. Don't ask why, but I don't like it. Maybe the taste? It's like eating charcoal (weird eh?). Second, I don't like anything tawar. Any food yang tawar, memang I tak puas hati! Tak puas langsung! It is like having your meal while you selsema. Kan hidung tersumbat, tak dapat rasa apa-apa kan? Sangat tak puas! Hahah! It's either too spicy, too sweet, too sour, too salty or anything extreme. No tawar-tawar please. Huhu. Thirdly, I don't like, hmm... Ciku? I don't know what's Ciku in English. Sapodilla? It tastes, weird? -.-"

I hope semua soalan terjawab yea? Terima kasih :)

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