Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 2 : MMU ConvoFest

Finally! We have sunflowers on Day 2! High demand and very limited supply, so it is a bit pricey. Only Chinese customers bought sunflowers for its meaning behind this beautiful flower. Sunflower means, to have a bright future and success in life. It is because by the name itself, "sun" means bright and to give it to the fresh graduates is just a perfect gift and hoping that they are going to have a bright future ahead :)

More flowers!

This is Gebra. Not daisy or chrysanthemum or sunflower. G-E-B-R-A. Get it right, people!

During our preparation for the next day

More wrapping job and rearranging flowers

Apa yang penting, KERJASAMA! (Y)

No pictures on Day 2 during convocation. There were 3 faculties who graduated on that day. We were so freakin' busy and all flowers finished by 2pm! AMAZING! Customers kept coming and buying. I didn't have the chance to even hold my phone to take pictures on the daylight. These photos were taken the night before the Day 2.

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