Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 4 : MMU ConvoFest

Last day of Convo Fest!

Meet Wanie. Last time we hang out with each other was like 2 years ago! And now, we met again during the festival in MMU. She was there to celebrate her boyfriend's convocation day. You are so gorgeous with hijab now darling! Miss you! *hugs*

Ini, Wuwey. My bewbies bebi.

Ini, Mija. My tilam :B

Ini. Sher Nee. Dia seorang penyanyi tegar :D

Ini, Reuben. Foreign-friend yang boleh berbahasa Melayu :D

Ini, Farrah. Colleague yang turns out to be my future-neighbour (y)

Roses I picked out for Mommy

We are so happy with flowers and the scent!

Clean-up time

Me, Dee, Wuwey, Mija, Sher Nee, Farrah

Gonna miss you girls! What a great effort! Dang, we're awesome! :D

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