Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 3 : MMU ConvoFest

Meet Azira Azreen. She was at the convo fest, to celebrate her friend's graduation day in Cyberjaya. She is my long lost childhood friend. Known her since primary school, we contacted each other, recently around 2011 through Facebook and she was in front of me like, yesterday! Ahh, finally :') You look so pretty as always! Sama je muka macam sekolah rendah dulu. Lawa! Great to see you babe! *hugs*

We did henna and sibuk je Mija. Boo!

Spot the difference -.-

Meet Ling Ling, my colleague.

Qila, Mija, Wuwey and me on day 3

Great job, girls!

On that night

PIZZA PARTAAAYYYYY to all members!

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