Tuesday, October 23, 2012

She is now 22

So happy with her tiny cake :D

Nissa Jamal, the worst and the best.

We did this whole questionnaire thing at Ben's and trust me, you don't want to know what was her answer for this one. LOL! So much win!

Since 2006 and still counting

Happy 22nd birthday to you, dudine! I cannot say anything much here in my blog since I always membebel and sound tepek directly in your face, those advice and laughter and everything lah! You are the worst but yet you are the best dudine I've ever known in my entire life. Sometimes I feel like I want to kill you and sometimes I feel like I want to keep you in my tiny Doraemon's pocket forever. And I feel so happy when you're not around but I feel happier if you're here with me. The first person I want to talk whenever I have problems, is you. Tak tahu kenapa. Dah rasa macam gay pula kan. Call and then bercinta, layan YouTube sama-sama, gelak sama-sama. LOL! Maybe that's what bestfriends do kot? I don't know. I'm not sure what is the perfect friend for a human being, but I think you are just perfectly fine. I don't care if you are retarded and you don't even give a single dang about me being a loser (sometimes. Lewlz!) Thanks for always being there for me and thank you for being yourself. I love your honesty, dudine! Kau tak cakap belakang, kau suka cakap depan muka aku, which is good. Sayang mung! Selamat hari kelahiran and may Allah bless you and your whole family! :) X

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