Saturday, October 27, 2012

Page 2 by Plan b

Page 2 by Plan b, Publika Solaris Dutamas.
It is located above the Journal by Plan b. Yes, upstairs :)

Love the retro stage

The bar

Our table for the night

Soft-Shell Crab Carbonara

Spaghetti Beef Bolognese

Spaghetti Carbonara

Aglio Olio

Pasta feast

Awesome facility huh?

Old school film on white screen

Honestly it was my first time at Page 2. Usually I've always hang out at Journal by Plan b, downstairs. I just acknowledged that Page 2 was born on the Merdeka day this year! Yes, the launch party was held on the Merdeka eve and I heard the name since then but never jejakkan kaki lagi. So, there were 7 of us, been wanting to try new places in the block so I suggested to them, this awesome place. We already sat down and had this huge wooden-table at Journal by Plan b and we thought that, the table was too huge for us and we were like so far apart and one of my babies suggested to go upstairs. As we were crawling up the swirl-stairs, we never expect that upstairs was so much cooler than the below one! Lewlz! Page 2 by Plan b offers the coziness and chillness to the atmosphere to make the customer feels like home and no need with proper attires! You can come with your shorts and pj's if you want to because you're there to hang out and have fun! Other than the awesome retro stage and environment and cool facilities (like, pool table over here), you will be absolutely satisfied with the food and drinks! From pastas to munchies to desserts, burgers, sandwiches and even nachos! And the drinks, they have everything. Seriously. Just call up the waiter and ask anything. They will bring it to you. (I'm not sure about Teh Tarik, though. LOL!) With good 'ol movie projected to the white screen, you can watch movie while having your meal and you can also catching up with your friends with playing pool, maybe? Why not right? It is better for me to stop mumbling and force you to at least, have a look and check out this place. I'm sure you're gonna fall for this place immediately! Love at first sight, baby *wink*

Rating: ★

Malina Azman, x

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