Sunday, October 28, 2012

Once upon a time, we finally met at Curve

Our expressions right after we watched Sinister. Almost shat our pants!

During dinner with this pretty laydaayyy

I miss you babe!

Meet Nelly Danker. She's a good friend of mine. Well, we got things in common you see. Like, 'sama-sama skinny' and 'sama-sama anak terbiar'. LOL! Used to have this title of CK models from our friend. Well, CK stands for "Cili Kering" sebenarnya. Hahah! It is because of our skinny figure agaknya. And yes, we finally met at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara on last Thursday. I was busy in campus, doing subject registration thingy and all, had brunch with my friend then off to Damansara to see this girl. The last time we went out together was, early this year I think? Or maybe late last year? I'm not sure but yes, it's been too long and at last, we're back! She used to be my everyday, like literally, every single day. She stayed at my place and I stayed at hers for the whole year of 2011. Awesome friend, she is :) We had late eve snack at Teh Tarik Place, we used to hang out here at Curve. The sweetest part but wasn't a good one is that, she skipped her class to hang out with me! It was raining heavily and traffic jams were everywhere since people semua busy balik kampung for Eid Adha, so yeah. Decided to watch 'Sinister' after gossiping. Then, we had our dinner at Sakae Sushi, more stories to update each other. And bought some stuff and headed home. I had fun with her for the whole 7 hours but seriously tak puas! Lewlz. Next time please! :) Love you babe x

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