Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Waterfront @ Desa Parkcity

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 I really love the concept of open-air, family-oriented retail stores. So if you like this kind of concept, like me, I'm sure you would fall for this place, instantly. You could do some shopping and dining by the lake and its just a perfect place to hang out with everyone! Didn't get the chance to take a picture of all stores/restaurants/facilities here in Desa Parkcity. But every time I come here, I will definitely get myself a cup of my fav Pearl Milk Tea from Chatime and have dinner at Pulau Ketam Steamboat Village. Other than that, you might want to go to Desa Parkcity on weekends or any day after 6pm. Seriously. You will know once you're here. I just love it! Drink your Chatime while watching the sunset in the evening and fellow people working out sweats in their sweatshirts. Other than many cafes and restaurants, this place also have convenient-stores, pet stores, place where you can rent bikes and eveee-reeee-thanggg! Just, seize your day here in Desa Parkcity. You'll love it! :) And FYI, I celebrated my 21st birthday here anyways :B

The location? Well, hmm, it is located between Kepong and Damansara. If you are from One Utama, go along the LDP towards Kepong. Desa Parkcity will be on your right, and you need to do U-turn to get there. Just follow the signboard, I'm sure you won't get lost. But if you're from MRR2, from Kepong, just arah ke One Utama, Desa Parkcity will be on your left before the LDP Damansara's toll :)

Click here for more details: The Waterfront @ Desa Parkcity

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