Friday, October 5, 2012

Miss D

Meet Dalila Zainal. She is my cousin. Yes, we are pretty close with each other and open up to each other since we share the same birthday year with only a month apart. I was born on July 17 and she was on the Aug 17. So basically, we are Seventeen babies. Lewlz. Thing about her, is that she has this kind of good vibe that makes everyone around her just feel, so, home-y? It always feels comfortable and the environment will automatically become energetic and positive whenever she's around. Yeap, she is just that awesome. Tengok lah siapa cousin dia kaaann. Reowwrr! *tunjuk gigi* And the reason why I posted this blog post, it is because I found this cropped blogpost in her blog this evening and it has been posted like couple of months ago. Sorry! I got no time to go to other's blogs and read every posts since I was so busy with my stuff and only now I have time to read everyone's blog! My bad. And she screen-grabbed her mentions on Twitter, I was mentioning her name on Twitter 2 days before her birthday and that thought just came out of my brain instantly and yes I really meant those words. She is just as strong as Mr Universe, not literally lah. But, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong. It's true that she never let anything get into her way and nothing can stop her from having her own happiness with her own success by her own effort. SERIOUSLY. I wanted to be like her. Yes, I really do. We're just like twins, but with different looks and tastes in everything, but we share the same happiness. My family is just too awesome to be true. Which is, good. Alhamdulillah. So glad to have you as my cousin! And I am soooo looking forward for our road trip in 2 weeks! Its been ages, we've been planning to go on a road trip, far far away from familiar faces and places. We just need this trip. InsyaAllah, everything will go smoothly like what we've planned. Love you braahhhhh! XX

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