Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well, hello there! I've woken up several people in my friends' list since they once tweeted "Wake me up when September ends". So yeah, I literally did. LOL! September has passed, and now it's time for October! Any specific goals perhaps? Well I do have, some. And as usual, every end of month, I will always, like, ALWAYS review my allowance, expenses, bills, activities, costs and whatever you call it. You have to do this, every end of month so that you can keep track of how much money you left and how much money you've spent and so on. Bijak berbelanja yea, adik-adik. Bila bijak, kita pandai berjimat. Bila jimat, kita pandai untuk menabung. Bila menabung, masa depan cerah sebab ada duit! (Y)

And trust me, I am not going to write any longer for this post since previous one macam panjang gila like you alls mesti kata, "Alamak, panjang nya. Malas nak baca. Skip!". Kan kan? Lewlz. I just want to remind myself by written down about what I need to achieve or orang kata, new resolutions for the new month. I update my resolutions every month so that I will not stray too far from the track. If buat once a year, only nak ingat on new year's eve, seriously, itu hangat-hangat tahi ayam je. Surely resolutions you all sekerat jalan je kan? Ngee~

And now, presenting, my resolutions for October 2012! Yay!

More productive
More happiness
More effort
More travel
More food
More acquaintances
More adventure
More doa
More love for family & friends
More exercise
Drink more water
Eat more fruits
No more procrastination
Sleep early
Less drama
Less talk (Y)


Have a nice month and take care, you lovely readers XO

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