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11 things I look for in a man by Hanie Hidayah

So, my dad was telling me that 23 would be a good age to finally look for a proper guy to be with, settle down and start thinking of the future (as if i haven't been already). No, not settling down as in get married, settling down as in finding a long-term partner at the very least.

However, searching for that Mr Right isn't an easy journey cause he could also be just a Mr Right-Now. It is often an elaborated process with lots of heartaches involved haha. And yes, you gotta fall before you can pick yourself up again, right?

But then again, how to find Mr Perfect? Or someone who's perfect enough for you? You have got to have at least some expectations, right? You gotta find someone who's compatible, right? So I wrote down a list of things I look for in a guy, or at least things that captures my heart so the more I look at it, the more I realize what I want and the kind of person I wanna be with. Of course, I'm not expecting him to be perfect, but falling for all the wrong reasons (and person) have kept me putting up my guard almost everytime I meet someone new.

1. A guy who loves his mother.

   I believe that a guy will treat his lady like how he treats his mother. If he has a close relationship with the mother, means that he knows how important a woman is to a man's life. Plus, they would usually have very good manners and I'm not joking about this. Be warned though, you might confuse being a gentleman with sweet-talking haha. AND I don't like a guy who lets his mother runs his life, cause I know that I will somehow have to compete for his attention and affection.

2. A guy who knows what he wants in life.

Having a vision and working towards it is a BIG turn on for me. Day-dreaming, however, is a WHOLE different story. If you only TALK about what you want but I don't see you moving a muscle to achieve it, forget it. You're just darn plain lazy. That's a BIG turn-off and I know you just won't do anything, ever. I don't like lazy people who complains all the time. Complaining don't get you anywhere.

3. A guy who knows the importance of money.

I want the guy to have financial security, or at least able to afford having another person in his life. It doesn't mean that he has to be rich, I don't mind living in a small apartment, but at least we don't live in a squatters hut and not be able to eat. Knowing the importance of savings would also be a plus point. At least I know I can rely on this type of guys to be responsible towards his family in the future.

4. A guy who loves kids.

Like hello, I'd like mini Hanies and (insert name here) juniors running around playing football at our yard ok! BUT I won't be a baby-making factory, take note of that. And it's something soothing actually, to see a guy play with kids, or even holding a new-born baby. Somehow it just puts a smile on my face and makes my day. However, the guy must also be firm and strict when he needs to. And who can resist HOT YOUNG DADS carrying their babies around. They're just super hot! It's just like how guys like to see MILFs HAHAH

5. A guy who's responsible.

I don't want a guy who goes out all night and just leave me at home. I don't want a future husband who works til late but don't even come home to tuck me into bed right after. I don't want a guy who just gives me money and leaves me to take care of my children. I don't want a guy who leaves his family for me. But he also has to know how to divide his responsibilities between his wife and children with his parents and siblings.

6. A guy who has a sense of adventure.

I'm an adventurous person. Give me anything that makes my adrenaline pump and I'm up for it. BUT I don't want lah my partner to just sit and watch me do all these fun things by myself. Bungee? Do a couple's one. Rent a bike and go all over Phuket Island? I'm up for it. Go-Karting? Knee-Boarding? Roller coasters? ANYTHING! I want my partner to suggest new things and be ready for adventures or even be spontaneous about something.

7. A guy who know how to keep the flames alive.

It doesn't mean that you have to spend a bomb, little things matters more. As long as you know how to keep the spark, and from time to time remind me why I fell for you, is enough. 

8. A guy who has a good sense of humour.

I like a guy who knows how to give a good joke, as long as it's not annoying or too offensive. Who knows when it's lame and admits it. A guy who would just give out a punch line just to hear me laugh and not afraid to act silly in front of me. That guy must also not be embarassed to be giggly with me. And wouldn't mind a two-people charade in the comfort of our house on a quiet saturday night.

9. A guy who is in touch with his inner child.

Yes, I want you to be able to have a jedi lightsaber fight with me, wear the optimus prime helmet and run around toys r us and end the day with ice cream. I like guys who knows his comics and also plays computer games (not excessively though) and knows that Lego was the ish. I want a guy who can talk to me about the things we went through,saw,ate,played and kissed when we were children. I want a guy who can share a Playstation with his son hahaha

10. A guy who knows how to look good, and also wants me to look good.

No CROCS please.If you look like the vocalist of Kings of Leon, please drop me a line hahaha

11. A guy who has faith.

Although I'm not very strong in holding my religious principles, I will still go back to my roots from time to time. I want a guy who knows what's important but it doesn't mean that he has to be pious. He has to know the basics of religion.And of course, who has good values too. I need a guy that can guide me.

So, where are you Mr Right?

Taken this from: Hanie Hidayah

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