Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neutrogena Visibly Clear ♥

#Note: This is April 27, 2011's post.

Last night, I had THREE huge pimples on my chin, which its really annoying plus, disgusting for me. And at the same night, Daddy asked all of us to go to the mall to buy groceries. With the huge pimples on my chin, I felt so self-conscious about myself and that night wasn't quite a good night. Thank God I was wearing the hijab and I covered them with it. I went to the toiletries section, facial wash and deodorant side, I saw one whole rack full of bright orange bottles. I took it, and there were loads of different function with the same name, NEUTROGENA. But the "Visibly Clear" bottle seems like talking to me or something, like, "Hey, take me home with you. I can do such magical on you tonight..." Okaayyy, sounds so wrong, I guess? LOL! Anyways, yeah, I bought it and used it. I was thinking, "Ohkaaayyy, some other so-called-another-magical-facial-wash-that-I-bought." I washed my face with my current facial wash and used the Neutrogena as the mask. Leave it for approximately 10 minutes, and cleansed it with water. Its a bit minty at first but that was good. Because my cleanser at the spa I used to go when I was in KL, was minty too! And I guess it was a good sign. I went to sleep and the next morning, I noticed that the three pimples that I used to have last night, were gone! Like, its not there! I don't know how but that's how it works. And today, I washed my face with it and leave it for 5 minutes and washed it. Your skin feels a lot better within a day. Seriously.

I bought it for QR 35. Its equal to RM 33 to 35 jugak lah kot? The bottle is in orange colour, just like the picture that I've been uploaded. The instruction is written at the back of the bottle, VERY clearly. And and, the clay-based cleanser can be used as facial wash and a mask. 2-in-1 baby!


Here are reviews about this awesome product :)

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