Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emotionally Mature

[x] You know that jealousy only harms your relationships, and you are able to avoid it.
  • [x] You believe that changing other people is futile - you only try to change yourself.
  • [  ] You know that you're not perfect, and you're totally okay with your flaws.
  • [  ] It's easy for you to love someone.
  • [x] When you encounter a problem, you try to solve it quickly. Thinking about it only makes it worse.
  • [  ] Rejections in your life have definitely hurt, but you have always been able to move on from them quickly.
  • [x] You are a very honest person. You have principles that you live by.
  • [x] You enjoy giving more than receiving.
  • [x] When you are angry with someone, you don't hold on to your anger. You make your feelings known and then move on.

Acting like an adult is all about doing the best you can.
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