Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nasi Kandar Kudu - The famous in town

Restoran Kudu Bin Abdul

I am not a big fan of Nasi Kandar and you can ask anyone who knows me, I would never ever like Nasi Kandar, at all. It's not about the food itself but my tummy won't accept those kind of makanan yang banyak kuah and lauk. It's just tak boleh nak terima and I ended up with vomiting. I know, my tummy is so mengada.

But, ever since I was a little kiddo, back in June 2010, that was my first time eating Nasi Kandar. Went to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman aka Jalan TAR with Daddy and sissy, and this restaurant is the most popular Penang Nasi Kandar in town.

I reached at about 15 to 2pm. Too many people in and outside the kedai. People were queuing sampai ke luar kedai. My dad said that he used to makan kat sana, I'm not sure about the year. LOL. So, yeah. For the first time ever, I ATE NASI KANDAR! Woohooo! I am so proud of myself. Haha! I ordered telur ikan, ayam masak kicap and whole lots of kuah kari and bendi rebus! Masa dia tuang tu, I was like, "Eh eh, dah dah. Cukup. Banyaknya kuaaahhh." But, hey, when I think back for a sec, nama pun makan nasi kandar, bukan nasi berlauk kat kedai-kedai Melayu biasa tu. Ngee. So just go with the flow, telan je. At first, honestly, memang rasa nak muntah because I don't like Nasi Kandar at all kot! But, hey, first time for everything kan? Telan je la. Yes, I did it! I did it! Malina boleh makan nasi kandar dengan jayanya! :D Boleh masuk "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah". LOL!

So, you guys should come here and try it. Orang yang tak suka nasi kandar pun boleh habis makan taw? It's the popular spot for Penang's food lover :)

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