Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Everyone is unique in their own way

Perception is how you view the world around or outside, which my perception is totally different than yours. Perception involves your senses and can differ from how others view you. The way you communicate with others is through behavior.

Values - refers to your relatively permanent ideas of what is good or bad, worthwhile or not.
Beliefs - what you think is true based on logic
Attitudes - refer to more specific application of your values; how you act
Feelings - emotional responses to things such as events, people, places or situations.

Perception, is the process by which you filter and interpret what your senses tell you so that you can create a meaningful picture of the world. People will often view the same thing or event differently. Why do people not have the same perception of the same thing, event or person?

 We are all different and therefore we live different experiences which shape our life.

The differences are:

Physical differences
Past experiences and backgrounds
Present feelings and circumstances
Differences in using information
Differences in expectation

Plus, the influences to self-concept:

Life experiences
Emotional maturity
Sexual orientation

Yes, everyone was born beautifully and uniquely in their own wayWe are just not the same. Accept it.

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