Friday, August 31, 2012

Kakak Ku Kata Kuku Kaki Ku Kaku

Tak tak, tajuk tiada kena mengena langsung dengan entry ni. Itu namanya, gimmick. LOL! I was supposed to do my Computer Programming's assignment actually, but then Mommy woke me up at 10am and said, "Can you send me over to KLFC mall for my facial/spa treatment?". And I slept quite late last night, "Tak larat" was my reason but when I think back, I think I should go out and get my nails done. Been procrastinated about this whole mani & pedi thing since July so I thought, why not. Dah alang-alang hantar Mommy, and nak tunggu for the whole 2 hours, its better for me to pamper myself with my own money. Lewlz. So we went to KLFC Mall in Danau Kota, Setapak, Mommy off for her spa thingy and me? Ehem.

"Hello, welcomeeeeee." That was the first thing I heard when I stepped into one of the nail spa in that new mall. Quite new lah, last year baru buka. I saw deretan OPI's nail polishes from outside and that attracts me. The nail spa is so clean and cozy and nice and cool songs on background. There was a banner, promotion for manicure, pedicure and waxing. Yes, they have waxing service. Ngee. I went in, asked for manicure and pedicure, cut, French and colour. My manicurist, Ms Irene showed me the way and the manicure process, begins. And sorry, no pictures for the whole nail mani pedi process since I left my BlackBerry at home. I don't know why but my BlackBerry is not an essential stuff for me nowadays. LOL!

If you have ever wondered how to do a manicure or pedicure, THIS following site should be helpful. It is a list of steps that professional manicurists take when giving people manicures. And yes, I had those steps at the nail spa! Thanks to Ms Irene for the hospitality and friendly service :)

I got the chance to choose the colour that I want and believe it or not, they have more than 50 colours! All from OPI. I loveeeeeeeeeeed it! And rambang mata juga nak pilih mana satu. I chose the best 5 and Irene tried all colours on me. You know, its easier to see it better when the colour is on your nail. So yeah, she applied it to me and I chose the pretty one and suitable for my skin colour. I chose the earth tone, very natural and nude colour. I don't want the striking or "meriah" one since I'm wearing hijab, so macam tak elok lah kalau colour yang menyerlah sangat. Tarik perhatian orang je, I dah dapat dosa satu. It's true maa. So, dah my taste nak macam tu, nok buak gano key? :B

I chose very earth-sand-natural colour for both of my hands and 'zombie-effect' colour for my toes. Ngee. I love it! Mommy's done with her treatment, I showed it to her and she was;

Mommy: This colour?
Me: Why? Tak cantik ke? I love it Mommy!
Mommy: Why colour ni? Tak nampak. Why tak ambil pink? Very soft pink tu.
Me: Maa, kalau boleh, I want the zombie-effect for my hands too tapi dah habis! Sempat buat kaki je for that colour.
Mommy: Apa laaa, buat mahal-mahal tapi colour tu je?
Me: Zzz -.-"

And which nail spa I went to? Here are the details:


42, 1st Flr, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL (03-22876298)

l1-05, Level 1, SSTwo Mall, No 40, Jalan SS2/72, 43600 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (03-79565118)
S55 & 56, 2nd Flr, KL Festival City Shopping Centre, Setapak (04-41318900)



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