Wednesday, August 15, 2012


" Boyfriends arent your bestfriends and neither like your father. sometimes girls are needy. we expect them to do things that our friends and family does to us. thigns that we are used to having. my boyfriend once said "im only your boyfriend, you can stay with me but i cant take care of you"
having a boyfriend doesnt mean love forever till death do us part. its a starting point to love and be loved. you have a sharing role taking the job like a suturing parent and supporter.

loosing a boyfriend or having a gap between you doesnt mean its the end of the world. learn from your mistakes .you cant have a perfect relationship. its for you to gain experience. without it how can you be a better person.

well babe all i can say is there's no one perfect in life. theres always their wrong and rights. PATIENCE is always the key to a relationship, you cant always expect things to go your way. sometimes you have to accept the fact that their just being who they are. and that's what realy make us like them in the first place. right? guys have their highly egoist way of doing things. don't change something that always been there from the start. 

there's always ups and downs in a relationship. its to show you how compatable you guys are. if its meant to be then its meant to be. you always have to find your strength and weaknesses. its difficult and frustrating sometimes, i know. you never will understand what he wants and neither will he understand you. 

ask yourself this question; did i choose this role to be like this or has it been a thrust upon me by HIS behaviour? 

don't force yourself into doing something you dont want to. be happy. if you love him then cherish your time together. stop thinking of the negativity and enjoy yourself while you still can. adapt your life in his way and he might do the same to yours. "

- Kiki Yazmin

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