Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Human intervention

There are lots of stuff that I've faced, dealt and learnt and still am sepanjang umur dah semakin meningkat ni.

1. Do not trust people easily
2. Do not depend on others that much
3. Do not expect too much from others
4. Do not listen to what others said about you
5. Be nice and polite to everyone eventhough orang buat kita
6. Revenge is not that sweet
7. Do not fall for people easily
8. Have your own principle and stick to it!
9. Do not mixed up with wrong people
10. Do not cursing. You are a lady, not a cheap wh*re
11. Choose orang betul for doing assignment. If possible, buat sorang.
12. Kawan biar seribu. But make sure, yang elok tu lagi ramai daripada yang teruk
13. Mesti ada integrity, baru tak culture-shocked
14. Be humble
15. Don't let others affect you
16. Do not procrastinate. Result tade quality nanti.
17. Jangan makan sekali banyak. Makan sikit but have to eat frequently. Baru senang naik.
18. Jangan asyik nak merayau je. Duit banyak habis.
19. Bayar bill on time
20. Selalu update kat Mommy and Daddy about my life and all
21. Have to eat fruits and drink a lot of plain water
22. Kena pandai jimat duit since dah duduk sendiri ni.
23. Try to be more discipline
24. Committed with studies
25. Don't be too busy with myself, go and visit relatives!
26. Try to make as many friends as I can
27. Try to make up with the relatives. Spend time with them more often.
28. Forgive and forget. Biar orang buat kita, kita jangan buat orang.
29. Be grateful with what you have. Do not complain!
30. Stop comparing yourself with others. We are just not the same. 

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