Monday, August 27, 2012

Chapati or Chapatti?

Step 1: Tumbuk yang bulat tu bagi leper

Step 2: Uli tepung tu bagi nipis sikit and make a perfect round

Step 3: Mencanai chapati

Step 4: Tadaa! Ready to be on hot pan

Step 5: Campak atas pan

Step 5: Terbalik kan, and voila!

And do not ask me about the ingredients or on how to make the dough. I don't know. I sampai je rumah uncle, terus dah ready with those dough, was waiting to be masak on pan je. Every time raya, memang akan makan ni since this is Persian delicacy. Could be Indian delicacy too, but from the Persian family myself, so it is Persian's. LOL!

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