Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How Old Do You Act?

1. Your idea of a fun Saturday night is:
[x] Having dinner and movie night with girlfriends

2. When it comes to a boyfriend, you're looking for someone who:
[x] Could ultimately be "The One". I don't want to waste time with a guy I won't end up with and he will be adventurous with me

3. Your dream birthday party theme is:
[x] A luncheon/dinner at the upscale restaurant in town

4. When you're bored, you:
[x] Go online or go outside and drive around

5. Your fashion style is best described as:
[x] Classic. I choose any traditional pieces that will never go out of style

6. People would be surprised to learn you like to read:
[x] Some novels by Nicholas Sparks and non-fiction books about inspirational people; they inspired me to go after my dreams

7. Your computer desktop background is:
[x] Some inspiring quotes or scenes from nature that you'd like to visit in real life one day or some fun graphic design

8. You'd love to paint your nails with:
[x] A French manicure

9. You secretly listen to:
[x] Taylor Swift, Mary J. Blige and some evergreen songs

10. Your dream family vacation would be:
[x] Greece

You're an Old Soul!
You're mature and like doing things that would normally be classified as "grown up". It doesn't mean you should be hanging out with your mom's friends on a Friday night, but it means that you have a classic mindset (you like throwing dinner parties while your friends like throwing dance parties). But it's important to sometimes make a point to be silly with your friends for fun, especially while you're young!

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