Wednesday, August 15, 2012


First batch sudah habis. Well, another 2 or 3 items left for first batch. And I haven't released the second batch yet but its already finished within a day. I brought them back to my apartment in Cyberjaya, and my girlfriends already borong everything. Sorry for not posted it on my blog for the second batch. I will try my best to get the photos done for the third batch yea? InsyaAllah, I will try to cari masa to do it; maybe by end of this week. And I have one more shoes left. 4 handbags sold early today for the second batch. And I only have 3 handbags left. All flare pants and skirts, SOLD. Cardigan and flare tops as well. Will try to gather as much clothes as I can! (Y)

Thank you for your support and love :)

P/s: I cannot check my Instagram right now. Will check it once I'm home in Kuala Lumpur. Currently busy living my life as a student :B

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