Friday, August 17, 2012

Passionate food lover ♥

Hello. My name is Malina Azman. Just call me Malina, for short. I am twenty-two years old this year. About me?  I love music; guitar, piano and singing out loud in the car is sooooooo my thang. I love to drive around to new places. I love to travel. I love to wander around and explore the world. Explore new places. Places I've never been to. I want to try new things. Things I haven't done yet. I am thirst over an adventure and craving for new things everyday. As my friends said to me, I am an outdoor person. I don't like to be indoor (unless for sleeping on my comfy bed) and laze around on my ass just to sit at home and watch TV. I don't like to watch TV all day long. That kind of life is pretty boring, and dull. So yes, I am hunger for an adventure and I would love to bring Timmy with me. Timmy is the talking tummy! Yes, Timmy is actually my tummy. I named it since he always talks to me whenever I feel like eating something. In Malay, we called it as, "Memenuhi kehendak dan citarasa saya." LOL! I loveeeee to eat! Freakin' love to eat something new! I need new favourite food everyday. As for me, I would prefer die trying than never tried it at all.

I have some tips to eat something new, unusual or maybe, something exotic or out-of-your-range kinda thing. Well, not some. Just two. FIRST, you have to keep an open mind to try to do or eat whatever new to you. Don't make any assumptions or judgments. Be open-minded and let it come to you. SECONDLY, it is just food for goodness' sake. If its good, then it's good. You're lucky enough to eat something good. But if it is bad? Well, biasa lah if you go berak when you sakit perut. RIGGGHHHTTTT? Chillax. You can never go mati if you ate something UN-tasty. Its just tak sedap. Next time, you know what to order and what not if you're in the same kedai. Like for me, if the food was not so sedap at first I tried 'em, then I will never order it again. If sedap, then it will be my favourite food and I will definitely will order it again! Simple huh? It takes a lottttttttttttt of passion to be as passionate food lover as me. You're a food lover too? Ahh, let's bet! But yeah, Timmy is so tiny. So it will go like, "Cepat kenyang and cepat lapar balik." Ngee.

Sorry for the long posts. I hope you enjoy and like these food entries. Its like watching porn to your stomach. Lewlz. Enjoy! Now, let me continue eating my meal. Will keep you updated with new food and new places! Au revoir! :) 

Malina Azman, XO

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