Wednesday, August 15, 2012


"Everyone has differ perception about boyfriend and relationship. so it depends.

as for me (:
boyfriend is some one who completes you. i mean you dont have to be perfect to have a boyfriend. neither do your boyfriend, but both imperfection of yours and your boyfriend's will turn to be perfect, as you guys complete for each other. something like that. 

as for purpose, i myself couldnt see yet the purpose, but i could confirm you that everybody wants to be loved. so thats the real basic of starting a relationship. 

and getting the right person to be with you is important. kalau theres a couple saying that with having fights selalu will rapatkan relationship, thats bullshit. most of the time, having a boyfriend is someone that can accept you the way you are, and try to tolerate you to the best that he can, yet appreciate you to bits. 

for positive or negative,
can say that much. just that, be positive minded, then things will be more easier. and not to forget 'doa' help to strenghten your relationship. serioussheet."

-Timmy Tim

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