Sunday, August 12, 2012

15 Dec 2011, 11:08pm

Most of my girlfriends are now settling down with hijab and I got nothing to say for that except for "PROUD". I am so proud of you girls and Alhamdulillah. You grabbed the chance, petunjuk and hidayah from Allah, untuk tergerak and terbuka hati untuk berhijab. Trust me, memang it is not easy. Especially if you have such "awesome" life before. Well you know what is that awesome means. Move along! Ehem.

So, when and how to decide to wear a hijab?

Wear it for the sake of Allah SWT
Wear it for the hope of Jannah
Wear it today and trust in Allah SWT for tomorrow
Wear it and spite the shaytan
Make the decision to wear it

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And kalau ni pun tidak membantu, nah, pergi page ni. WAJIB BUKA! Untuk memberi inspirasi tentang fashion tudung yang ada di Malaysia ni. So that tade lah kekeringan idea untuk bertudung :D

Malina Azman 

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