Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reasons Why You're Still A Single Lady

Basically, women always think that nice guys are really hard to find, mostly in this era. And that is why most women chose to live alone by herself.

Every person has its own hope on how to seek for happiness from her point of view. Will she going to be happy only with her friends? Or maybe spending her time with her beloved family other than doing things that she loves to do? Or maybe some part of her thinks of those divorce-case, therefore its making her to think twice about the whole idea of marriage? And some of them that are currently married right now, were afraid of unpleasant words from others if they chose to live alone.

Hence, you only want to satisfy other's feelings by getting married and live with someone whom you do not love with all your heart.

13 reasons why you are still single:

1) Too independent
In whatever situations, you seems to be too independent, so this makes you hard to find your soul mate. You do not see any differences either you are in a relationship or single.

2) Afraid of the commitment
You think too much. You tend to imagine how you are going to make your partner happy if you want to settle down.

3) Lazy
You are getting used to who you are right now, like, too lazy to do chores or help around the house. You would prefer to just take things so easily.

4) Too perfect
Everyone is dreaming of being perfect. But its a problem if you are seen as the perfect one. You are good in everything and this occurs as problems if you have a less-than-perfect partner than you.

5) Too shy
There are reasons why you are too shy to be in public. You only want to be in your comfort zone. You are not ready to be social around with your friends, and do not mention about searching partners because of your shyness.

6) Too controlling
If you are single for too long, you only want to control everything in marriage. Maybe you are being extra cautious over your partner and it will only makes him feels uncomfortable around you.

7) Busy with work
Today, average person loves to work til late at night. And some of them, on weekends too. With the high cost of living, you seems to be work very hard to earn money until you forgot to have a relationship.

8) Being a liar
Why you should lie to yourself? You want men to see you so perfect and it makes you such a hypocrite person. Eventually, lies won't last long.

9) You are too desperate
Because of you think of what other people say about being single, you are under-pressure on being a relationship and it makes you so desperate to find partner in your life. Getting to know others isn't take a second or not within a day. To get to know the person is going to take mature-period. So be careful in whatever you do.

10) Negative-minded
Its really hard to be optimist in everything. At certain point, you tend to think, why you should get married if there are too many divorced cases out there. So this is where you should be optimist other than find for your partner and let God do the rest.

11) Still searching for "The One"
There are some of us that take some time to find a soul mate. Basically, its really hard to find someone who can understands you. And this is where you should talk to each other more often. Stop chasing a perfect person as there is no such thing of perfect people in this world, and just accept them for who they are.

12) You would prefer to live alone than in a relationship/marriage
After all these years of being single, you are getting used to it already. So you do not see the importance of building a family institution.

13) Past experience
You have been in a bad experienced in past relationship/marriage, so its going to take some time to heal. Maybe you are in trauma or witnessed from other people; family and friends, who has been in such experience. Lift up your spirit and keep moving forward and just never look back!

Translated from: Nurul Hazalina Hasshim, MIDI.

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