Sunday, August 12, 2012

2 June 2012 , 1:46am

Pada tahun ini, saya, sebagai pelaku penyokong tegar bagi kumpulan Germany, akan tetap dengan kumpulan pilihan saya, iaitu, GERMANYHunggah hunggah! :D Yea, akuk sokong apak yang akuk nak sokong. Kalauk kauk nggak sukak, dipersilakan dengan team kauk! Lalalalala. I went to Uptown 1 Malaysia in Bandaraya Melaka, and yes bought this jersey. Actually I haven't Google-d on what's the Germany's jersey looks like for this year's Euro game. Tremendously, big thanks to Sissy for using her iPhone to Google it for me. Typed, "Germany's jersey for Euro 2012" (*You don't say*) and voila! Confirmed it, and I've bought it right away! I'm such a happy kiddo tonight! :) Can't wait to use it for Germany's Euro match soon! Woohoooooo! Oh yes, there are 3 different jerseys. One is this one, white. Second one is green (ugly) and the black one is superbly stunning! Gonna buy it later! (Y)

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