Sunday, August 12, 2012

Malina Azman 2.0

Assalamualaikum. Hello boys and girls! I'm backkkkkkkkkkkk! With this new version of my blog, there comes a new me with new resolutions and new achievements-in-the-making, InsyaAllah. For those who knew me, hello there! Long time no see! Sorry been busy with life and life has been pretty hectic ever since of everything. You know, life-dramas and yadaa yadaa. And for those who don't, well, let me introduce a bit about myself. My name is Malina Azman. I am twenty-two years old. 22, yup. I feel old. The last time I went for public blogging back in 2007 until 2010? When I was 17 :O Then I went to private blogging for almost 2 years, 2010 until now; August 2012, due to some technical problems and misunderstanding issues. Sorry about that :)

I am currently doing my Bachelor Degree of Information Technology majoring in Multimedia Systems (sounds awesome aye? But nayyy.) Where do I study? If you are my friends or maybe my acquaintances, then you knew. If you are not, then, why would you want to know so bad? LOL! Kidding. I'm studying at one of the private university in Malaysia. The awesomest one, I must say! :D

Oh oh and yes, there is no more brace-face of mine. Yes, I used to wear braces all this while but I took it off a year ago. So yeah, I feel so jongang lah :B I'm a pure Kuala Lumpur citizen. Born here, grew up here in the middle of KL and that's what people called as, "The KL Lights". Yes. Proud to be one. But not proud at all for being the deadly traffic jams' victim -___-"

I never own a car, I'm using my parents' since they've paid for it. I cannot afford to buy a car, I'm still studying dude! I've never worked in my entire life. I never had an income. But yeah, I'm running my own business recently, so does that considered as 'working'? *Bimbo moment*

Well, that was it. I think it's too detailed already aye? You can always update things about 'stuffsssss' here in my blog. I will try my hardest to keep you guys updated. And note-to-self, this isn't about my private life anymore. This is just a site that I can share joy and happiness with you guys. InsyaAllah. Okay? Assalamualaikum.

Malina Azman.

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