Sunday, August 12, 2012


I went through a lot of websites today, I've read a lot of things, since I've finally crossed out 3 things that I need to do earlier. I was not that productive but I think I'm becoming more productive than before since I browsed informational stuff on the internet. Ever since I was a little kid, Daddy always shared infos and facts about every single thing in this world with his beloved daughters. So as I was Skyping with him this evening, he asked me, "You know what's going on right now? Did you know that researchers have found a new black holes?". And I was like, "Daddy, I need to browse it now!".

Well yeah, some of people might think that I'm such a bimbo ass or noob but trust me, I am not. Well, I didn't say that I was genius, well at least, "not bimbo". *laughs* I did some reading on our space, universe, solar system and everything. I even did some quizzes! About Earth, Sun, Moon, other planets, black holes. 80% and above and yes, Einstein, Hawking and even Daddy would be so proud of me! :)

I love Science and Geography. So anything to do with it, which includes, astronomy, geology, body anatomy and all Allah's creation really excites me! I don't know why. Yes, I don't like history or Maths that much. And strong word, I HATE PROGRAMMING! So very much -.- Programming is not even Allah's creation. So for me, it's just a waste of time. I haven't got the chance to explore the world nor have the "mesmerize" feeling by enjoying the beautiful scenery of an Earth, if I do programming *talk to the hand, programmers!* So yeah, I haven't washed my brain with science ever since I got so busy with IT stuff. Sorry Einstein, sorry Hawking. And sorry Sheldon Cooper! LOL!

I went online. To almost every sites about Universe on Google. Phew. I feel so damn productive today by only reading it online. I really feel that I'm a knowledgeable person now. It's been awhile since the last time I updated myself with it. I feel good. Alhamdulillah *huge smile*

And yes, about the PHOTOJOURNALISM, "Photojournalism is what I aim for. Ready to do anything to achieve that dream of mine :)" I just found out that, that kind of job do exist. After I watched Nat Geo earlier today, this Shannon Switzer, she's a Nat Geo Explorer and I always wanted to call that to myself. Such an honour title, she can called herself as an 'Explorer', and even work for National Geographic. Oh my freakin' gosh. I want to be like her someday! Can't wait to finish my degree and masters. Bye bye IT and hello to Journalism! I really can't wait. Phew. I love science so much, I adore Allah's creation and by joining this photojournalism can help me to share the beauty of the universe and the Earth and its living society in it with every single person. That is my dream. And this is my dream job. I would love to be a photojournalist. Taking photos and write things about it. Ahh, what a perfect job 

"Science is love, photojournalism is my passion."

 - Malina Azman

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