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Theatre (Part 1)


Well, hello? I pun tak tau apa nak tulis ni, since dari tadi mengadap je picture di atas ni lama-lama (dah upload the picture awal-awal), sambil mengenang segala benda, flashback everything since day 1 I met them and gelak and senyum sorang-sorang. Well basically, hmm, they are my family members, I dah anggap macam family sendiri. Well let's start one by one. Let me introduce you (based on the picture from left side); Yang sibuk betulkan seluar tu, nama dia Faris. But I selalu panggil dia Kamal since that's his stage name for the theatre. Yang berselubung dengan kain pelekat tu, he's Indonesian (Waahhh, kami berlakon dengan retis Indo yalls!), his name is Yudy and his stage name is Badrul. Yang terjelopok kat atas lantai tu, nama dia Samad. Stage name dia pun Samad. Yes, Samad, tak tipu. LOL! Yang terlentok manja pakai baju stripes tu, that's Aishah, her stage name is Ana. Yang tiba-tiba muka putih melepak kat bawah lampu tu, is Ammar, his stage name ada banyak! Bapak, Atok and Harun. Yang bertudung-kan kain batik tu and berkain-kan kain batik tu, is Liyl. I panggil dia Lil Wayne but her stage name is Siti. And lastly, yeah, that's me and my stage name is Sarimah Harun (ada orang dengki sebab tade last name, kita ada last nameeee. Hahah!)

At first masa join CCT 1010 ni, I didn't expect akan ramai gila orang and some of them, I kenal. So I don't really have much problem to be in that class. And my habit is whenever I'm in a new environment with new people around me, I tend to observe and see which one yang okay and which one is not. Because sadly, I do believe in first impression. Yeah I do. So I observe people by the way they talk, their gestures, their cleanliness and all that. So that was the day where Mr Kush asked us to find group for the performance project. While people were listening to what Mr Kush said, my eyes were like searching around and nak cukup kan 7 orang only. So as my eyes dah chose siapa and at the same time my finger dah kira cukup 7, I terus texted Samad. Samad was sitting agak jauh from me (Sorry.) since I was sitting with the girls. By the time Mr Kush habis cakap, I terus nak attack Ammar and Samad and masa tu lah the famous Beruk tiba-tiba muncul. Beruk and Yudy merayu-rayu nak masuk our group and I was like, "Sorry but ktorg dah cukup orang. Kalau nak masuk, either one of you guys lah." And Ammar pulak sibuk kata "Ish, kesian diaaa. Tak boleh ke kita ambk je dia?" Okay, NASIB BAIK AKU TAK TERIMA BERUK TU! Now you guys know why kannn -.- And yeah, since that day onwards, banyak benda berlaku during our brainstorming session, rehearsal and so on.

So, should I go and evaluate and being so judgmental about them now since dah penat bebel? Yes, I think I should :D *judging mode on*

FARIS aka Kamal

Played as Kamal, Badrul's bestfriend or should I say pengikut Badrul, asek ada je to join Badrul gaduh with Samad. And Faris is an Audio Director for the performance. Sort of. He's the one who's in-charged in audio/sounds and whatsoever. The thing about him, he is the eldest among us but seems like dia yang paling kecik by the way his looks and yes, his pronunciation. He cannot pronounced S, L, N, D. And he loves to say "Bodoh" like, a lot. So instead of "bodoh", kita akan dengar dia akan cakap "botho". So yeah, that's one of the ejek moment between us all. He is very helpful, like, selalu tanya "Mell, you nak I buat apa-apa lagi tak? You cakap je, nanti I buat." He did it, but not really in time lah. LOL! Faris ni selalu je nak balik awal sebab selalu je ada hal. He is very humble, soft/slow spoken, susah nak dengar dia jerit and muka macam budak-budak. Hahah! And his old-time favorite line: "If you know what's good for you, don't interfere." :D

YUDY aka Badrul

Played as Badrul, Sarimah's first husband. Bapak asks Sarimah to kahwin with Badrul since his father is rich and Badrul divorced Sarimah after had a fight over something funny. Yudy tend to be the director. Should I say, awesome director? He knows what's good and not about this whole theatre and acting thing. So yeah, I'm really glad to have him. I really love people who berlumba-lumba nak give out ideas and speak up their own opinion. Ahh, I just love them all! Semua participate very well! SoYudy ni, masa mula-mula rehearsal macam tak banyak cerita sangat and just follow the flow. But since dah dapat green light from Mr Kush that we all boleh cursing and all that, terus boleh nampak his true colour! Hahaha! Script dia yang lain macam very hambar je, but ada one part ni tiba-tiba dia akan cakap kuat-kuat and bersemangat which is, "SHUT UP BITCH!" LOL! And his famous lines were, "MOVE AWAY WOMAN! YOU'RE BLOCKING THE TV!", "I bring the food with my FATHER MONEY", "Don't mess with my GIRLSSSSS" and "Your. Cooking. SUCKS!". Every single time he said those lines, ktorg semua gelak. Tak tau kenapa but yeah we did laugh macam gila. Ahh, fun times.

SAMAD aka Samad?

Played as Samad, Sarimah's second husband, a father of Ana and died while Sarimah is pregnant. He killed by Siti, the girl who crazy about him. Yeah crazy, literally. Well, he is the first guy yang I kenal in that class. Of course. We added the subject together, redah semua onak duri di MMU just to take this co-curriculum subject. So yeah, we did and tak kan pernah ku menyesal ambk theatre ni. And so, hmm, he is the guy yang suka membahan orang, gelakkan orang, cari kesalahan orang lain, nampak macam suci and baik je, but sekali jumpa salah and silap orang, habis lah korang. Menyesal seumur hidup tanggung malu. Lepas ni nak kena cover perangai je, takut kena bahan. LOL! He is very nice, well not that "very" lah since suka malukan orang lain kan, but yeah, overall he is okay. Bak kata Liyl, Samad ni macam Justin Bieber sebab rambut dia. Asek-asek nak flips hair. Bila ktorg ejek dia Justin Bieber, menjerit kata "Tidaaakkkk!" sambil pegang rambut dia. He owns some pretty cool shirts and shoes. Paling cool masa he was wearing 'That's Very Hot' shirt (right? Tak ingat) and dia siap tunjuk the 'That's Very Hot' dance or retard moves. LOL! And Samad, please buat Derpina shirt? I'll buy it lah!

AMMAR aka Bapak/Atok/Harun

Played as selfish bapak, atok who smokes a lot. He forced his daughter, Sarimah to marry Badrul and Sarimah ran away from home because of his selfishness. And as for Ammar, he is the script-writer. Awesome one I must say! Without this whole great storyline thing, theatre tak kan berlaku. So kudos to you Ammar! Ammar is very, hmm, how to say, quiet and once dia berkata-kata, pekat gila okay loghat utara dia! Even cakap macam biasa pun, still ada bunyi Perlis tu sikit. I can tell though. LOL! His voice is very soft (not soft, soft. Just soft, soft? -.-). Orang kata, soft-spoken and bukan suara lantang macam most of guys la. Haa, liddat. His lines yang I selalu ingat, "Ana? Where's my tea?" (suara atok sikit) Hahahah!

AISHAH aka Ana

Played as Sarimah's long lost daughter, stays in kampung with Atok. Good grand-daughter who is very curious about her parents's past. So, Aishah? First impression, she is tremendously genius! She is very bright, used to take Calculus 2 with her last 2 semesters. Second impression, she is very nice. Tak tinggal solat like, buat I rasa macam tersentak sikit. Ehem. And third impression, I tak tau lah betul ke tak, but she is a hardcore gamer! Okay, maybe not but I don't have any girlfriends who plays online or games in the laptop or PC so I think she's cool. Jarang nak nampak girls main game so I'm a bit shocked and 'jakun' whenever I saw her playing on PC. LOL! Aishah is very punctual for every meetings/rehearsals and she is the type of person that would say "but, whatever" in every end of line that she said. Loves to cakap sorang-sorang and when I tanya, "Haa? Apa? You were saying?" and she will reply, "Ahh, no nothing. I cakap sendiri" then she'll laugh. Hahah! You are so nice Aishah! Selalu teman I ke mana-mana. Even teman I pergi ambk paper kat Samad pagi-pagi buta tu. Terima kasih yea? :')

LIYL aka Siti

Played as Sarimah's bestfriend, who's crazy in love over Samad and will do anything just to be together with Samad and backstabbed Sarimah. And there's this girl names Liyl. I don't know how to describe her, but to be honest, she is crazy! Very out loud, making funny expressions, dance, shows us those matrep and such a YouTube girl lah, in short. LOL! She plays guitar, and drum as well so I think she's awesome. I love the fact that she is such a great friend, nak balas balik to orang yang sepatutnya (if you know what I mean. LOL!) and everything lah! Letting us both stay kat rumah and memenuhkan timeline FB I with clips from YouTube and will do anything to cheer up other people. And you're strong, girl! Keep it up! Thank you for everything :)

So that was it. So many blogpost to be posted baby! With our trip to Melaka, the last day of rehearsal, tengok video dalam kereta, tidur ramai-ramai dalam kereta, our nightouts, the performance, but I will post it with videos and pictures as well. This part is just introduction je sebenarnya. Whee!

And to my La Familia, I LOVE YOU. I've never felt this way towards anyone before but.... (Boooo! Gaaayyyyyyy!). Well ehem, to each and every one of you; Liyl, Aishah, Samad, Faris, Yudy, Ammar, thank you. Thank you so much to be part of my life,. Eh, once you entered my life, I won't let you guys pergi mana-mana lah? LOL! Its been a tremendous semester, one short semester, just 8 weeks and we are all dah macam family dah.  Thank you for your effort and your time and everything to make our performance awesome gila! We are always the best than the rest, not because of our performance je. But with our relationship and connection yang dah macam family and our effort. No one can beat that! Thank you again yea for being the best for yourself and I love you guys. You guys are simply the best. Thank you :')

Malina Azman

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