Sunday, August 12, 2012

Unhealthy surroundings :(


Since my job now is just observing stuff and people rather than being a bibik at home, so yeah, I was busy observing things. Observe as in see, watch, listen, try to imagine it, put myself into that situation and try to experience it and learn from it. But for the time being, I rather not to experience anything now, so what I did was just learn from it by watching it. What I noticed recently, either from social networks or outside world, the world I live in, is very unhealthy.

Doesn't mean those dirty or smelly things, no, not like that. It is more than that. The people. In Malay, we always use the word "sampah masyarakat" and yes that's what I see, literally. I'm not saying Malaysian or most of us are sampah masyarakat. No, don't get me wrong. But, somehow, eventhough we are way ahead, so called "maju" and "wawasan 2020" but I think our mentality are still left behind. Way behind than those people in third world countries. I'm so sad to see our people nowadays especially in Malaysia. I tend to avoid from watching the news or reading newspapers since those crimes and cases are rapidly increasing! Astagfirullah'alazim. Killing your own family members, rapes, armed robbery, etc. Masya'Allah. What happened?

How can I trust anybody now after what had happened? Even your own friend can kill you. This starts from parents. If parents educate their children about knowledge of Islam and how importance it is to mankind, all these wouldn't happened! But what to do, parents takes things for granted and there's nothing they can do rather than live with regrets.

Did you notice that, most of cases happened in Malaysia, are mostly involving Malays! They are all Islam! But why Malays always involved with those unhealthy activities; clubbing, drinking alcohol, smoking, mixing around with 'bukan mahram', random sex, those adultery stuff, doing drugs, wasting time, robbing, killing, raping and all. Why oh why? It is always back to basic, ALWAYS. Because of no knowledge about religion, no faith in Allah and too proud of themselves and never think about death. Masya'Allah.

May Allah bless us all with iman and hidayah. Have faith in Him, seek for His forgiveness. Astaghfirullah'alazim.

"Allah lebih menyayangi pendosa yang meminta ampun dan taubat kepada-Nya daripada ahli masjid yang selalu memuji-Nya."

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