Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bandung, Indonesia

Hello! I'm back again. And this time, with lots of love and hmm, experience? Abaikan. LOL! So yeah, I just got back from Bandung, Indonesia. Spent the whole 5 tremendous days in Bandung. Great people, exquisite places, scrumptious food, awesome fashion's factory outlets and with my lovely family. Hey, great places comes with great people around you :)

I have so much to share about Bandung and too many photos to be uploaded soon. I brought along 2 of my lomos; Fisheye and La Sardina and also my BlackBerry for capturing beautiful scenes. Plus, 2 other cameras; digital camera and my sister's iPhone. Consists of, hmm, 7 rolls of 35mm lomo films. 100 ISO B&W, 100 ISO XPRO Chrome and the rest, normal 400 ISO. Hambek kau. I can speak in "Lomography" language now. LOL!

Looking forward to upload those pictures soon. Haven't sent it to Photo Crafts yet, but as soon as possible please!

Usually, I always, like, ALWAYS do some reading or research about places I'm about to visit. Let say, if I'm going to somewhere or overseas, I will browse the details like current temperature, timezone, altitude or geographical matters, hot spot to visit, money currency, people, food or any specialties about that country or place and those preparations before I go for any trips. And I was so busy back then, busy with, hmm, things? So I never really got the chance to do those "research" thing. I went to Bandung, unprepared.

Bimbo or as they said, "blonde moment". I understand that Bandung is actually located on a high land. So basically, Bandung is just like Cameron Highland or maybe like Genting Highland in Malaysia. 'Twas cold, not like freezing cold. Just hmm, a bit colder than Jakarta or KL maybe. It was around 20 to 24 degree Celcius. Just a nice weather :)

We shopped a lot, til I got nothing to shop anymore. I got everything that I need/want. Ehem. All items were sooooooo freakin' affordable! Honestly, very cheap one maa. I bought this original Hugo Boss jeans, which I have to pay like RM 700 in Malaysia but I got only RM 60 or equals to 190,000 Rupiah. Lebih kurang la. Around that price. Hee.

Shopping satu hal. Lagi satu hal yang sumpah awesome adalah, MAKANAN! Maigaaaadddddd. You can never complain anything about their food. NOT A SINGLE THING. I had 6 meals per day because too many food to be eaten within 5 days! One word, SATISFIED (Y)

And yes, went jungle trekking and climbed gunung berapi and witnessed glaziers in Tangkuban Parahu. The last time that volcano erupted masa tahun 1969. So yeah, it's safe. I even masuk kat dalam gunung berapi tu. Alhamdulillah, we survived. LOL! Gosh, really, can't wait to upload pictures! :S

Thank you to the driver, Pak Asep for driving us around Kota Bandung. We really appreciate your hospitality and thanks to Pak Harry and Ibu Nina in Doha for letting us borrowed your driver for awhile. It's saddening that both of you could not joined us that day! But overall, we had fun in your city. Bandung is such a beautiful place and with beautiful people! :)

Looking forward to be in Bandung again! X

P/s: Photos will be uploaded as soon as possible. Thanks.

Malina Azman.

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